TITAN has three service divisions:

  • Property Management & Realty
  • Appraising
  • Surveying

Property Management & Realty

Titan can assist you with tenancy, rental pricing, repairing, maintenance, as well as buying and selling of real estate. We work with any kind of property and partner. We have a solid foundation of Law, Appraising, and Civil Engineering to find the right value and solution for your property. Contact us whether you are ready to pull the trigger, or just looking for an advice.


Are you wondering how much you can buy/sell your asset for? We are experts in the appraising of real estate, businesses, and machinery. Contact us, we are sure we can find your asset’s real value.




Are you in need of mapping, determining boundaries of ownership, and surface/subsurface features for construction, administrative, cadastral, or legal purposes? Contact us, we have the expertise, license, and equipment. Contact us to get more details on your project.